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Rectors' Conference supports Ministry efforts to upgrade educational system

Education and Culture Minister Costas Kadis attended today the 20th Conference of Rectors of Cypriot Universities that took place at the European University of Cyprus in Nicosia.

In the framework of the meeting Costas Kadis presented the Ministry`s policies on upgrading and modernizing the educational system, a goal for which the Rectors expressed full support.

Referring to higher education, the Minister explained that the reforms that have been introduced are mainly related to creating an Accreditation and Quality Assurance Institution, providing distance learning programs for soldiers, internationalising Cypriot higher education through promoting Cypriot universities abroad and by signing agreements with other countries for mutual recognition of academic degrees, offering graduate and postgraduate programs by public universities in languages other than the official and promoting distance learning programs through cooperation between the Open University and other Cypriot universities.

The Minister said that the contacts already made with countries such as Qatar, Kuwait and Oman indicate an interest not only in sending students to Cyprus but also in developing common programs and called on the Rectors to act towards this direction.

He also spoke about the next moves in education, which will include countries such as China and Russia. In the case of Russia, he noted that he will pay a visit to the country in April and that most probably a mutual recognition of academic degrees agreement will be signed. He encouraged the Rectors to participate in the educational fair that will take place during his visit to Russia.

Costas Kadis underlined that according to information provided to him by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Cyprus there is a vivid interest in Russia for studies in Cyprus.

From his part the newly appointed Chairman of the Rectors' Conference, European University`s Rector Kostas Gouliamos said that the Conference supports Ministry efforts to upgrade and modernise the educational system.

“Having common goals, we can collectively create our future by investing in knowledge as a model for development, but also to the dynamics and capacity of the academic society” he stressed, underlining that Cyprus has a good record in quality standards and excellence, which if methodically and systematically handled may turn Cyprus into a destination for international students.


Cyprus News Agency Press Release, January 22, 2016

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